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Relationships and My Life

Our lives are based on relationships. Relationships with our families, colleagues, friends, lovers and especially the relationship we have with ourselves. As a marriage and family therapist, I studied the psychology of relationships and I invite you to look at your relationship with each of the following areas of your life:


Do you love what you do for a living or do you dread going to work because you hate your job. Do you find yourself as successful as you want to be? Ready to advance in your career but not sure how to get there, or do the doors seem closed? Let’s open a door for you!


Do you find your romantic relationship filled with harmony and love or do you find it to be more turbulent and painful?Are you happy with your sex life? Are you feeling lonely and having a hard time in the dating scene? Let’s face it, having a romantic relation is such a core need. No matter how well any other part of our life is going, we always feel a void when this area of our life is not fulfilling. Let’s bring satisfaction to your love life.


Is it easy to get along with family members and communicate your needs and feel as an equal and valid member of the family? Perhaps you feel left out, like the black sheep of the family and find your family ties to be strained or estranged. Unfortunately, some of the memories we carry from childhood are not the fondest memories. Sometimes we may feel extremely guilty about having some anger or being upset towards our family. Know that this is normal and that it can be a very temporary experience in your life. If you find it hard to be around your family, or if you find that you are having a hard time digesting you feelings about family members and don’t know how to deal with them, let me guide you through this patch in your life.


Are the people you choose to spend your leisure and quality time with bringing more joy in your life, adding value and making you feel uplifted? Or,are you volunteering to spend your time with people that create drama, suspicion and bring you down in life? The friends you choose in life, are the support system you are creating…. What kind of support system are you creating for yourself? Remember, this is a voluntary and very necessary part of your life, choose wisely. If you’re having a hard time finding nourishing peer groups, maybe it’s time to look at this area of your life.

Personal goals and pleasure.

We all have personal goals, or bucket list items, that we want to achieve and accomplish. So, is each step of your life taking you closer to your personal goals or further away? Do you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to your own hobbies and things you really want to do? Like start that business? Or go skydiving? How about learn that language you always wanted to learn? What about all the travel goals and plans you have? Do you find yourself growing every day, or just growing old? Keep putting off that diet till Monday? Let’s work on these areas and get you where you want to be. Remember, it’s your life and now is YOUR TURN! Need help getting the ball rolling in this area, I’d love to help you get started.