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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PRL)

I was drawn towards hypnotherapy due to its profound healing properties. After reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s book – Many Lives Many Masters, I decided to get directly trained by Dr. Weiss and his wife to bring PLR into my practice and therapeutic approach.

Why PLR?

Whether you believe in past lives or not, I assure you this is a profound experience.

  • At the very least, you will experience a deep level of relaxation, which is very good for your body, mind and emotions.
  • At the very most, you may experience an exceptional journey with life changing messages and experiences.

What to expect?

  • Under hypnosis, you are fully awake and alert. You are simply guided to a state of relaxation that opens up the possibility to explore deeper levels of you.
  • You will not do or say things you are not comfortable with. The experience will take you where you are willing and ready to go.
  • You have 100% control throughout the whole process and can come in and out of the hypnotic state as you wish.
  • You are in charge. I just guide you to where you want to go.

Some popular areas explored with PLR:

Answer many unanswered questions

  • Hmm… I know there was something important about that experience/situation, but I can’t put my finger on it.
  • Why did that relationship not work out?I thought we were meant to be together.

Explain certain recurring experiences

  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • What keeps holding me back in life and making me feel so stuck?

Breakthrough unwanted and uncomfortable life and emotional patterns

  • Why won’t the pain in this area go away?
  • Why do I keep dating the “same” person over and over again?