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*Farsi and Spanish also available

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PRL)

I was drawn towards hypnotherapy due to its profound healing properties. After reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s book...

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Relationships and My Life

Our lives are based on relationships. Relationships with our families, colleagues, friends, lovers and especially the relationship we have...

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Stress and Pain

Stress is like a computer system that is ready to crash. It is overworked, has too many apps open, the cache hasn’t been cleared out and ...

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Trauma and Abuse

Experiencing any kind of trauma or abuse is hard to digest. Unfortunately, we have not been given the best tools to cope with such difficult...

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Grief and Loss

Life seemed to be going great. It was like living with high definition vision and stellar graphics. Once a loss happens, it’s like experiencing life in black and white...

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Culturally Confused

Sometimes it’s really hard to be torn between two cultures. From one aspect you may be trying to satisfy the demands of your...

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A Personal Message From Aida

Please know that I will only lead you down a path that I know how to guide you through, as I have put all of my techniques into personal practice. I know, see and feel the courage it takes to walk each step. I want to thank each and every person who has graced me with their trust by opening up to the most vulnerable aspects of themselves; it is truly an honorable and humbling experience. Thank you and I’m so proud of you!