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Culturally Confused

First Generation Immigrants – The Confused Generation

Sometimes it’s really hard to be torn between two cultures. From one aspect you may be trying to satisfy the demands of your cultural upbringing and from the other side just trying to live a normal life in the country you’re growing up in.It may get frustrating or challenging to handle both worlds. It may leave you feeling culturally confused. This is a very common experience and can be overcome with some cultural clarity.

If you’ve had any of the following experiences, you may be able to relate to the cultural confusion and I’d be happy to help you find your cultural clarity.

  • Not being allowed to engage in sleepovers
  • Not ever having a sense of privacy at home, as your parents may go through your stuff all the time
  • Having to always translate for your parents or other family members
  • Being teased by your peers for having an accent when you speak English
  • Being teased by your family for having an accent in your native language
  • Having to live for the family, culture and what other people in your cultural background might think
  • Always being given a guilt trip because you don’t want to attend family gatherings
  • Having your parents put you down by saying “you’ve become too Americanized” and lost your cultural values
  • Then being confused because the Americans and other cultural groups around you make it clear you’re different
  • Finding it hard to relate to other cultural groups, or even people from your own cultural background
  • You weren’t allowed to date in high school and had to have a secret relationship
  • Being expected to live at home until you get married
  • Have strong pressures by family to get married, especially to someone within your cultural and religious background